Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cool Tool For School

Library of Congress

The resource I think is the most beneficial and would use in my classroom is called the Library of Congress.  When I first found the website I was unsure what exactly the purpose was.  As I looked more into it, I realized I had access to the actual library.  Wanting to find information that pertained to the age group I plan to teach, kindergarten, I clicked on a link leading me to information that related to my state's standards.  From there I chose my preferred age group and subject, language arts, and was shocked to find a complete detailed list of all topics the PA standards recommended.  The website provides lesson plans, presentations, and detailed guides with pictures.  I was able to find this information about anything from Abraham Lincoln to the origins of American animation.  I feel like this would be extremely beneficial in my classroom.  If I was struggling to come up with ideas, this would be the perfect tool to use.  There's even an opportunity to ask the librarian questions.   I could get advice, or tips on creating my lesson plans.  I believe this to be a great tool to have at my finger tips. 

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