Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Top 10

10. I chose this because I feel it could really benefit my students struggling with math. 
9. I chose this because it's a really convenient way to get access to cool worksheets for my potential students. 
8. I chose this because you can interact with other colleagues from your school district, and gives others the opportunity to contribute to your classroom
7. picked this because it's a way to incorporate fun into the classroom, and I think the students would get involved more. 
6.  -I chose this because I am an English minor, and I really like that teacher's could use it to find discussion questions and activities pertaining to English and Literature. 
5. -  I chose this because I think its a cool and innovative way to allow students to get their information from a different source. 
4. - I would use this in my classroom most definitely.  It would be awesome to have different printouts and website sources at my convenience. 
3. - I chose this because it's a really interesting tool that would extremely helpful in the classroom.  It'd be great to have my lessons recorded for my students benefit. 
2. chose this because I think it is what SEDU 183 is all about.  It's a way to incorporate technology in to the classroom for both students and teachers benefit.  I would use this in my classroom. 
1. I chose this as my favorite tool because I know how it feels to struggle with math.  The website could be really beneficial for my students who may need extra help. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cool Tool For School

Library of Congress

The resource I think is the most beneficial and would use in my classroom is called the Library of Congress.  When I first found the website I was unsure what exactly the purpose was.  As I looked more into it, I realized I had access to the actual library.  Wanting to find information that pertained to the age group I plan to teach, kindergarten, I clicked on a link leading me to information that related to my state's standards.  From there I chose my preferred age group and subject, language arts, and was shocked to find a complete detailed list of all topics the PA standards recommended.  The website provides lesson plans, presentations, and detailed guides with pictures.  I was able to find this information about anything from Abraham Lincoln to the origins of American animation.  I feel like this would be extremely beneficial in my classroom.  If I was struggling to come up with ideas, this would be the perfect tool to use.  There's even an opportunity to ask the librarian questions.   I could get advice, or tips on creating my lesson plans.  I believe this to be a great tool to have at my finger tips.