Thursday, February 16, 2012

Powerpoint Project

              For my powerpoint project, I took on the task of teaching kindergartners how to add and subtract. I introduced the slide show with bright colors, and a link to a video that contained a song to remember how to add and subtract.  I then went on to give examples of addition and subtraction problems, using fun animation techniques on powerpoint. The slideshow was rather short, but I felt it accomplished my goal and was appropriate for the age group.
           After completing the powerpoint project, I felt a sense of relief.  At the beginning of the assignment, I was somewhat confused as to what exactly I was being asked to do.  Powerpoint can be overwhelming, but as time went on I began to adjust. I struggled with linking one slide to another, but eventually I caught on. I was hesitant about this assignment at first, but I enjoyed it in the long run.
         I learned a lot about powerpoint through this project, and feel more confident using it now.  As technology becomes more and more advanced, I feel it will be a tool I can use in my class room when I become an educator.  It's a good way to get kids engaged in learning and provide them with visual examples.  I liked seeing others projects as well because it allowed me to get different ideas and see how others approached the assignment.

Check out my powerpoint!

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