Wednesday, April 25, 2012


From the moment I read the definition of an OER I liked the sound of it as a student, learner, and potential teacher.  As both a student and potential teacher, I particularly found ACE School Management and Leadership: Develop a portfolio to demonstrate school leadership and management competence, would someday benefit me greatly.  It is mafe to assist you in compiling a reflective portfolio with evidence of your competence in school leadership and management.  I struggle trying to put together portfolios and resumes, so this will be of use to me. 

I also felt like the Open Course Library would be really useful for me now as a student and learner. 
Its main purpose is to lower textbook costs for students, and that could only help me in the long run.

As a future teacher, I felt I would use 10 Video Websites That Are Like YouTube for Kids quite frequently.  It offers ten of the best online video websites that will help and entertain kids, while being child appropriate at the same time. 

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